Organic Olivia Probiotic Review

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Organic Olivia Probiotic Review

The time has come to share our Organic Olivia Probiotic Review. The brand named this product “Not Your Average Probiotic“, and we share with you why it really is not your average probiotic

No fluff, let’s dive right in! 

Who Is This Probiotic For

Of course, only with your doctor’s approval, this probiotic is perfect for someone suffering from any gut issues such as:

IBS, Food Sensitivities, Acid Reflux, GERD, bloating, night time nausea, Candida, Vaginal Yeast infections, or someone who recently took a dose of antibiotics

Our Results of Organic Olivia’s “Not Your Average Probiotic”

Olivia suggested that your gut issues could be preventing you from having a good sleep at night. She advises to take one pill before bedtime and assess if you notice a difference. So I tried it, and indeed Not Your Average Probiotic pulled through on the promise. I noticed that Organic Olivia’s probiotic was working because I started alternating between Garden of Life’s Women’s Probiotic and Organic Olivia’s Probiotic. On days that my gut was hating me for eating onions and cabbage, Garden of Life’s Probiotic did not do anything for me as compared to Not Your Average Probiotic. With Organic Olivia’s Probiotic, it reduces my bloat within two hours, and it relieves my nausea within one hour. The first day I tried Organic Olivia’s Probiotic, my most noticeable symptom was a flat stomach. My boyfriend and I were blown away by the results as I am constantly bloated.

Organic Olivia Probiotic for Candida

In September 2020, I came down with a Yeast Infection from Antibiotics. The struggle was real. I was suffering. I held back from taking Not Your Average Probiotic in fear of running out before receiving my next bottle. I couldn’t help but take it. In a little under three weeks, my Yeast Infection caused by my antibiotics was totally gone and has yet returned. Getting rid of Yeast Infections in the past used to take me months and months before discovering this probiotic.

Why this Probiotic Works Better Than Others

Organic Olivia’s Probiotic contains Prebiotics, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Microencapsulation technology with a Digestive Resistant Coating. 

Below I explain why each of these plays an important role in the efficacy of the probiotic.

Microencapsulation Technology & Probiotic Digestive Resistant Coating

One of the benefits of microencapsulation technology is delaying the capsule release, making the probiotic make its way down the whole digestive tract before your stomach “digesting” it. This technology will therefore increase the performance of your probiotic.

The edible coating of the probiotic is composed of Ester of Glycerol, which will keep your probiotic alive and free of moisture in the capsule. Probiotics are living microorganisms, and using this technology is important for the probiotic to maintain its shelf life.  

Organic Olivia’s bottles also come with a moisture absorbing silica pack to keep the humidity inside the bottle away. 

Probiotic Label Reading: GenusSpecies, and Strains Explained

Probiotic Label Reading

Most of the probiotics only list the genus and species but always seem to leave out the strains. Leaving out the probiotic strain makes you not even know what’s in your probiotic. There are so many strains, species, and genus types out there. A label with the probiotic strain will be a telltale sign that you are buying high quality from a trustworthy brand. 

A Label Without The Strain Listed
A very popular probiotic label that doesn't contain the strain
Organic Olivia Probiotic Label
Organic Olivia's Probiotic label with the strains listed

Digestive Enzymes

The probiotic capsule contains digestive enzymes to help your body break down the food and absorb important nutrients. Enzymes are what helps beat the bloat. 


Prebiotics feed the probiotics helping them be more powerful in the gut. This probiotic supplement contains Organic VitaFiber-IMO, which is made from tapioca starch. The Organic VitaFiber-IMO is free from sucrose, fructose, lactose, milk, eggs, meat, gluten, and other allergens. It is also certified non-GMO, certified kosher, certified halal, and organic. 

Conclusion of Our Organic Olivia Probiotic Review: Is Organic Oliva Legit?

In conclusion, this Organic Olivia’s Probiotic is an excellent choice on the market as it is more than just a regular probiotic. It gives your body assistance with your digestion while providing quality good gut bacteria. This probiotic, paired with her digestive juice, makes my stomach incredibly happy. It is a duo like no other. Digestive bitters provide incredible benefits for your gut as well. 

Organic Olivia’s Probiotic is my number one choice for a probiotic. I have yet found a better one. I will still be trying out different probiotics to keep you gals posted on the best ones. But for now, this is my most recommended choice.

If you have a probiotic to suggest, let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about the probiotics that have helped you. 

More Organic Olivia Reviews

Digestive Juice, Allergy Defense Tonic, Parapro Formula and Not Your Average Probiotic are my favourite products by this brand.

See below how those product’s helped me !

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