Organic Olivia Parasite Cleanse Review: A Detox That Works?

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Organic Olivia Parasite Cleanse Review

Taking care of the gut is everybody’s concern. What most of us do not know is that our body, specifically our gut, have parasites inside them. It is just a matter of boosting our immune system to fend off these unwanted invaders.

When these parasites or microorganisms populate excessively, they can wreak havoc in your gut and the results will be detrimental to your whole body. I was suffering from chronic yeast infections and UTI’s along with many other issues such as IBS and acne. These were telltale signs that something was up. 

Upon browsing the web and doing throrough research on how to beat my issues for good. I decided to go for the Parapro Formula since I was able to relate to Organic Olivia’s story. This Organic Olivia Parasite Cleanse review will give you a closer look at the benefits of this herbal supplement and my results with this cleanse.

Organic Olivia ParaPro Formula

Where To Buy: 

Organic Olivia

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Organic Olivia Parapro Formula

Organic Olivia has created this natural product that promotes a healthy gut and gets rid of the overgrowth of harmful organisms. Olivia launched this product after a lot of trial and error with her own body. She uses it herself once or twice a year. The product is GMP-certified which means that it is compliant with international GMP standards and it is safe for consumption.

This natural herbal supplement is specially made to treat the gut from harmful organisms that may be the cause to your chronic illnesses. This ParaPro formula may stabilize the microbiome balance, may support gut dysbiosis, may minimizes bloating and fatigue, may improves digestive health, and may enhance your energy and vitality.

Why should I do Parasite Detox?

The overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria in your body can lead to chronic illness .  If you’re suffering from symptoms that are getting progressively worse over time such as IBS, acne, mood swings, and you still have not found the root cause of your symptoms, a parasite cleanse may help you. 

If you ever had food poisoning, then chances are you’ve been exposed to parasitic microorganisms.

Symptoms of thriving parasites include acne, bloating, moodiness, skin problems, and extreme fatigue. If you are consistently experiencing any of these symptoms, your gut is telling you a sign.

The bulk of parasites are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. You may very well not know parasites are the root cause of your problems. 

The Organic Olivia Parasite Cleanse was specifically designed for these issues as those were Olivia’s telltale signs of parasites.

Personally for me, I travelled to Sri Lanka and got traveller’s diarrhea a few days in. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. But my stomach never returned to normal after that. Over a couple months, I was nearly passing out at noon from hunger even after eating a big breakfast around 9 AM. I was experience bloat and cramping. 3 months later, I was cramping to water.

After a doctors visit, I was treated for Parasites with Traditional Western Medicine.  

Again, it solved the intense symptoms but my stomach wasn’t returned to normal yet. A year later, I was now diagnosed with IBS. I couldn’t drink coffee without having an IBS attack lasting 3 days. I was also suffering from Chronic Yeast Infections and Chronic UTI’s.

I had heard of parasite cleanses through word of mouth from my friends doing them before. I really wanted to do a natural one however most I was looking into had black walnut oil which I am allergic to.  

I chose Organic Olivia’s Parasite Cleanse as it is organic, nut-free, the reviews were great, it was her most popular formula at the time, and because I was relating to her story.

Organic Olivia Products For Acne

I know how frustrating acne is, especially if you have already approached different dermatologists and tried countless antibiotics, only to find them unreliable. 

Trust me, I get it! I did microdermabrasion and used prescribed face wash for my acne. What I didn’t know is that, acne starts within the gut. Most people think to treat their acne just on the surface. Treating acne isn’t going to solve itself with a face wash and a good facial oil. It has to start from within.

Aside from acne, you might have experienced other skin problems like eczema & psoriasis. Again, these problems are all on the surface, so you can’t solve it unless you target its roots. I myself am an eczema sufferer. By now, you probably know how sensitive and reactive my body is.

Eczema actually is an inflammatory response. A study shows controlling the gut with good bacteria such as Lactobacillus paracasei helped lessen skin sensitivities. In order for Lactobacillus Paracasei to thrive, you need to eliminate the bad gut pathogens.

This is why I took Not Your Average Probiotic as well when I did the Organic Olivia’s Parasite Cleanse as well as Liver Juice to support a healthy growth of good bacteria. It tremendously helped with my skin issues. That was the first sign that my protocols were working.

If you take a look at Organic Olivia’s Liver Juice reviews on her product page , it’s been reported many times that this product also has helped a lot of people with their acne, so it’s not just me. Liver Juice holds 5 Stars, 181 times out of 187 reviews at the time this post was written.  That’s huge! Olivia’s on to something here. She’s doing something right.

Organic Olivia’s Probiotic

Unlike pathogenic bacteria that harm your body, probiotics are bacteria that support your health. The proper ratio of probiotic to pathogenic bacteria to have a balanced microbe system must be 10/20. When there is an imbalance to this, gut dysbiosis might occur and result in chronic illnesses.

Olivia created her version of a probiotic named Not Your Average Probiotic. It does an excellent job of supporting your gut health, assisting digestion, promoting healthy microflora, and aiding your immune system. It has prebiotics, digestive enzymes as well as a probiotic blend of 20 billion CFU’s. It’s basically the only probiotic I use now.

Even if it’s expensive, testing it out along many other probiotics, was literally the only probiotic that reduced my bloat and has actually help me kick chronic yeast infections along with Organic Olivia’s Parasite cleanse. 

The reason it’s helpful to take the probiotics during a parasite cleanse is to replenish the good bacteria in your gut as the parasite cleanse will try and get rid of all bacteria in your body. Probiotics will also help build bigger good “gut army” like Olivia says towards the bad guys.

Organic Olivia Coupon Code and Black Friday Deals

While Organic Olivia is not that pricey, it can still be a strain in the pockets for some with a lot of bills or a family to support. This angel on earth offers 10% discount code on your first order if you sign up to her newsletter. Plus, those newsletters are packed with such good information and your favorite product restock, you do not want to miss out. She’s not a spammer don’t worry! 

She also holds her biggest sale of the year around Black Friday. Her Black Friday deal offers 20% off site wide so make sure to tune in for that. This is usually when I make a big bulk order as it happens once a year.

If she does any other sale for a product launch, her email subscribers will be the first to know. This year she added the added a free Tote bag to Black Friday orders. As a tote lover and a hater of purses, I was impatiently waiting for Black Friday to get my hands on this tote to rep my favorite brand. 

Pros and Cons of Organic Olivia’s ParaPro Formula

Organic Olivia has a solid reputation among its actual users because of its effectiveness, the cleanliness of her products, the plastic free packaging, and the brand’s transparency with her fans. Here are my observations of Organic Olivia’s Parasite Cleanse: 


A Nut-Free Parasite Cleanse

Organic Olivia’s Parasite Cleanse contains ingredients that are purely organic or wild-crafted. These ingredients in this formula are as follows:

The list of ingredients is quite long so I will just discuss several of the most important ingredients in this product below:

Olive Leaf (Whole Plant and Extract)

The good thing about this product is it utilizes natural ingredients. The whole olive plant contains compounds that are beneficial to the body.

The extracts from an olive leaf contain a compound called oleuropein that was originally used to test the olive tree’s capacity to resist diseases. The results were astonishing as it resisted every single harmful organism. Oleuropein is composed of two main components — “Elenolic Acid” and “Calcium eleonlate”. A study shows olive leaf extract killed Giardia Cysts by 37% while those who took to 250 mg of Metronidazole antibiotic had a 32% success rate.


Thujone and Isothujone are compounds found inside wormwood. These components are the plants’ and animals’ defenders against pathogenic organisms.


This common herb is widely known for its anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Parasites need to worry about this one.


Ginger contains gingerols, which are highly potent and anti-inflammatory. For centuries, ginger tea has been used extensively to cleanse parasite. It can generate a warming effect on your body to strengthen it and aid in your digestion.

To read more in depth about these ingredients head over to her product page as she explains these better than I ever will.

Agaricus Bisporus  Mushroom

Champex, the mushroom extract, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria. In effect, probiotic levels are enhanced, creating a healthy bacteria balance. As a result, you will experience improvements for those with bad breath and body odor.

What to Expect After a Parasite Cleanse

Releasing those parasites out from your body will bring healing to your body. Depending on the person, some experience itching, headaches, and stomach bloating, at the start of parasite cleansing. In the long run, however, you can experience the following:

Organic Olivia's Parasite Cleanse Customer Reviews

There’s no greater indicator of a product’s success than the actual feedback of its users. At Organic Olivia’s website, the majority of users rated the Parapro Formula as an excellent product. 173 out of the 204 reviews are rated 5 stars. My rating I would give it is also a five star. 

First, many customers experienced a positive shift in health-related issues. Their energy was boosted and they became more active. The product also improved users’ sleeping experience. One user who was suffering from intense periods no longer experienced any bloating and cramps.

A few users cited improvements on their skin. After using the products in less than a month, their skin became clearer. One customer had Celiac disease and was desperately looking for a cure to her exfoliative cheilitis. Fortunately, upon using ParaPro, the symptoms improved greatly!

Many users experienced improvements on their mental health and reduced anxiety episodes. They remarked that their minds were sharper and their focus were better.

Customers were satisfied because taking the product regularly greatly influenced their lifestyle and eating habits, resulting to lower weights.

Some users encountered die-off reactions like diarrhea and headaches just like I had during the use but it subsided after one week.

A few users experienced no significant improvements until the bottle was emptied. There was one particular user whose stomach became upset after taking this product together with the probiotic and liver juice but I believe that is normal as your body needs to get rid of the bad bacteria.

My Organic Olivia ParaPro Formula Results

Seriously, I have so many good things to say about this brand. 

As you may have already read I had successful results with her Allergy Defense Tonic. It is now a product I take on the daily.

Although Organic Olivia’s Parasite Cleanse gave me horrible die off symptoms, it was so worth it. I was able to return to my coffee addiction with great success. I was no longer experiencing IBS attacks. My eczema suprisingly cleared up after suffering from eczema since childhood.

Best of all though, I celebrated a year without antibiotics. This means, a year went by without UTI’s which also meant no more yeast infections.  I was so extremely relieved, I wanted to cry. I also shed a few pounds because it helped me continue eating healthier.

I will be doing this cleanse every year to keep my bad pathogenic bacterias at bay since I travel a lot.

How to Take the ParaPro Formula

The standard dosage is to take the capsules an hourParapro Supplementbefore every meal. If ever you forget doing so, you can still take the dose after the meal. 

Water is crucial in taking Parapro. Make sure to drink one full glass of water per dose. If dehydration persists, try adding lemon to boost those electrolytes.

Eat foods that also aid in detoxification like protein, vegetables, and certain fruits. Refrain from eating sweets and dairy products. 

I personally couldn’t handle the daily dosage recommended, so I decided to take it once before bed and still thinks that was enough for me. If you’re sensitive like me, just keep taking this dosage until the bottle is empty or increase slowly as you go. I had a dream during this cleanse that a bunch of maggots were leaving my pores and made me feel like this parasite cleanse was really doing its job. 

Where to Buy Organic Olivia Products

At the moment, Organic Olivia’s ParaPro Formula and other related products I believe are sold exclusively on their website

Organic Olivia’s online shop is neatly categorized so you can easily choose whatever you need – whether for the brain, energy, detoxification, gut health, skin, immunity, or hormone balance. 

She also has a blog section where she shares amazing knowledge through blog articles and recipes. You can also read her story about the parasite cleanse there. 

If you find another shop that sells her products, please let me know in the comments below! I’d love to find a Canadian Supplier as I am Canadian or any other countries as I am a full time traveller. I will also update this post as well if you do find one. 

Conclusion of my Organic Olivia Parasite Cleanse Review

If you’re willing to put in the diet work, as well as going through die off symptoms to elevate your health, this product is for you. A careful look at overlooked symptoms such as bloating, fatigue , Candida and acne are enough reasons to try a Parasite Cleanse like Organic Olivia ParaPro Formula.

Before the cleanse, I had to stop drinking coffee due to my uncontrollable IBS flare ups. After the cleanse, I ended up loosing 10 pounds. Do keep in mind that I did not have any carbs or  refined sugars. I was able to return to my morning coffee routine and had much less gas and bloating. 

To purchase the product, you can visit her official website and go to their shopping section. Aside from the Parapro Formula, there is plenty of detox products you can use with it. Let me know if you do decide to try the product in the comment below. If you already tried it, I’d be curious to hear about your experience as well! 

ParaPro's Perfect Match

Organic Olivia’s top recommendation to take with ParaPro:

More Organic Olivia Reviews

Wondering on another product from this brand? More Organic Olivia reviews can be found in the articles below. 

2 Responses

  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I did want to know if you ate/eat meat at all when you did the cleanse. I cut out red meat and pork from my diet about 3 months ago and I’m about 3 weeks into the cleanse and have been keeping gluten free & vegan this whole time. I couldn’t find any reviews about meat eaters on the cleanse but I want to start easing myself back into fish and poultry because I don’t plan on staying vegan, it was just to enhance the cleansing effect at first. I don’t want to mess up my progress so I wanted to see if others had also eaten meat while on it. If not I’ll just stick with my raw plant based diet and then ease back into it afterwards. Let me know when you get a chance.

    1. Hey Ronnie! I did eat meat during the cleanse. I actually did a Keto Diet which I just so happened to be doing at the same time as the cleanse. I think it elevated my symptoms since I was cutting carbs. I am not a professional in terms of diets and I think following what your gut tells you to do will be the answer. All bodies are different. I personally don’t think eating meat will mess up your progress, however raw fish definitely might. Goodluck! 🙂

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