A Product I Can’t Live Without: Organic Olivia Allergy Defense Tonic Review

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Organic Olivia Allergy Defense Tonic Review

"My asthma is much less severe, I have used my inhaler once in the past month where I was using it multiple times a day before."

-Another reviewer of Allergy Defense Tonic

To the allergy sufferers like me, you’re probably sick and tired of living off Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra or any of that junk around allergy season, right? Guess what? You don’t have to anymore! 

This year I tested Allergy Defense Tonic while on my lay off in Canada & my boyfriend who also suffers from seasonal allergies took nothing. 

If you want to know to which extent this product worked, keep on reading this Organic Olivia Allergy Defense Tonic Review. I will share the comparison of allergy season with my boyfriend and why this is more than just a product for Allergy Season. 



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What is in Organic Olivia’s Allergy Defense Tonic?

Packed with only 7 powerful ingredients, this tonic consists of:


How does Organic Olivia's Allergy Defense Tonic Work?

Organic Olivia has the ingredient list with explanations of the herbs and how they work on each of her product pages. Her product pages have super good information and she references the information from studies as well. 

How Organic Olivia Allergy Defense Tonic Helped Me?

It really hit me that this product is the best thing to ever exist when my boyfriend was sneezing the whole days away at the cabin. His symptoms were the usual itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose. But this year, they were elevated. We were surrounded by nature. Not your regular walk in the park. Nature with eagles and owls flying around and dodging horse flies.

I told him to take my tonic but he wanted to leave it to me as I needed it most. After a whole entire month of suffering, I looked at his nose and his nostril was SO swollen, it was completely shut on one side.

I usually suffer really bad from Allergy Season. The minute I would land the plane, my eyes would start tearing and I’d have non stop sneezing attacks. Now this season, while surrounded by nothing but nature, on an island in the Lake Of The Woods, I was breathing!

I kind of laughed at boyfriend for not believing my “hocus pocus” (it’s what he calls it) actually works. You bet now he’s joined Organic Olivia’s herbal club.

But it helps me so much more than sneezing, blocked nose and itchy eyes. It helps me with my asthma and my histamine reaction to dust.

It also helps me for days that I have a lot of mucus in my throat. Especially at night time, I have post-nasal drip. I take a double regular dose (2 droppers) and it clears my throat within 5 minutes.


Allergy Defense Tonic for Asthma, You Say?

I have more than seasonal allergies. I wake up every day with a stuffy nose from household allergens. I am allergic to dogs, cats, dust and foods, I also suffer from asthma and eczema. I am telling you to show you how much my body reacts.

Well one night in late march, mid quarantine, I had one of those cough attacks. That kind that you feel like you can’t stop coughing and go into panic mode? Yeah.

My first thought wasn’t to run to my Allergy Defense Tonic. In fact, I had the bottle ready for Allergy Season but the bottle was not opened yet. So I tried what I usually do, take the inhaler, make some hot water/tea, take a spoonful of honey to coat the throat, sit up right on the couch and browse instagram to distract me.

Nothing was working.

I couldn’t get my mind off the coughing. I decided to reach for Allergy Defense Tonic, break the seal and try it. Not even joking, it worked within several minutes. I was blown away.

I didn’t stop taking it all through allergy season since I had saw Olivia posted on Instagram to start taking it for those who suffers from seasonal allergies.

Since taking it, I go so long without my inhaler! I used to take a puff before bed just to make me feel like I have clear lungs for sleep. Now, every time I think I have asthma, I reach for my life saver; Organic Olivia’s Allergy Defense Tonic!

"Since using this tonic I can tell you I don't even know where my inhaler is.. I literally do not need it anymore. I feel so free and amazing."

-Another reviewer of Allergy Defense Tonic on OO's website
Allergy Defense Tonic Reviews For Asthma

How to take Allergy Defense Tonic?

I started taking it late march/beginning of April in the prairies of Canada. Since winter is a little longer there than it is in the states, depending on your location you may have to start taking it earlier.

Take it all throughout Allergy Season. If you suffer from symptoms, you can take double the daily dosage as directed on the bottle.

Are Organic Olivia Products Safe For Kids?

It all depends on the product, however this product has been reported safe for kids. A significant amount of many people reported that they give this to their kids for allergy season and for asthma. Always consult your kid’s doctor before taking any new medication, of course.

Allergy Defense Tonic Safe For Kids

How long Does One Bottle Last?

Depending on your usage, of course. I started taking this bottle end of march / beginning of April and it has lasted me until fall time. 

If you are going to take 2 droppers per dose several times a day often, I suggest you buy 2 bottles. Since her products are organic or wild harvested, it can take a little longer to get back in stock if ever the product goes out of stock. 

Pros & Cons of Allergy Defense Tonic

Summary of My Organic Olivia Allergy Defense Tonic Review

This non-drowsy Allergy Defense Tonic is one of the best tasting tincture this brand has.  It’s also mentioned more than a few times in Organic Olivia reviews that people use this for asthma  and also helped their kids a lot when it comes to allergy season.

This tincture is popular for a reason.

Although, if you still haven’t made up your mind about this brand you can take a look at other reviews I made about Organic Olivia.

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