A Nasty Relationship: The Truth About Yeast Candida and Hair Loss

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Yeast naturally exists in every human body. The problem arises when a yeast overgrowth occurs. This is known as a “yeast infection.” The term “yeast infection” causes a sense of unease and embarrassment. The truth is men, women, and children all have the potential to be impacted by yeast infections at some point in their life. If you are curious about yeast infections and the relationship between Candida and hair loss, well, keep reading.

Yeast 101

Yeast is a type of fungus that lives in the body. The scientific name for this fungus is “Candida.” Candida can be found on the skin and in moist, warm homes referred to as “mucous membranes.” Examples of Mucous membranes:

  • the mouth
  • vagina

For children and senior citizens, yeast infections can overpopulate in the diaper region. Other areas of the body can cultivate yeast overgrowth, such as the scalp.

Common Candida Overgrowths

Low amounts of Candida is harmless. When overgrown, depending on the infection site, the infection is commonly called:

  • Mouth = “Oral Thrush”
  • Diaper = “Diaper Rash”
  • Vagina = “Vaginal Yeast Infection.”

How Infections Occur

Many stigmas about yeast infections stem from a lack of understanding of the origin of yeast infections.

Yeast infections occur when the amount of yeast present in your body or a (specific area of your body) is greater than the other neighbouring microbes that keep the candida population at a healthy count.

Foods that cause Candida overgrowth:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Starches such as bread, pasta, potatoes.

Shame, Embarrassment, and Stigma related to Candida

It is commonly believed yeast infections are a direct result of poor hygiene. This simply is not true.

Because yeast is naturally occurring in the body, a multitude of factors can contribute to the rise of a yeast infection.

What No One Will Tell You

Yeast infections are the most common skin infection. Yeast imbalances occur commonly in individuals who have:

  • Recently used antibiotics or steroids
  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Unhealthy Diet that feeds Candida
  • Stress
  • Exposure to harsh grooming products will affect your Vaginal PH 

Capitalizing on Your Fears

I used to get yeast infections all the time after treating my UTI’s. I ended up developing chronic UTI’s and Chronic Yeast Infections. I know how dreadful it can be to know that every time you must take an antibiotic you know Candida overgrowth is coming next. I talked about this in another blog post how I could finally kick UTI’s to the curb.

Due to the fear and shame surrounding yeast infections, the pharmaceutical business capitalizes on the ability to push antibiotics and medications on susceptible populations. This is why I started this blog is to help women like me try and take a more natural approach to our health and prevent those nasty yeast infections.

Now, I am not saying to avoid antibiotics all together. Sometimes Western Medicine is really necessary and it has saved my life after acute Pyelonephritis. 

It is important that you should always consult a medical professional regarding any illness. Yeast infections, if left untreated can cause life-altering negative impacts. With that being said, you should always discuss natural alternatives to remedy a candida infection.

So, Why Are Candida and Hair Loss Related?

The nasty truth about candida and hair loss is that candida over populates your Gut and depletes its good bacteria helping you to fight off the bad. Candida overpowers the Gut when its army becomes bigger than the good army. That good bacteria army get’s depleted through common uses of drugs.

The human body is very sensitive to chemical drugs. It isn’t uncommon for medications to have negative repercussions. Prescribing drugs that cure one disease but cause another is how the medical industry stays wealthy.

A study in Japan observed effects of hair loss after a long course of antibiotics on mice. The mice’s gut were depleted of Biotin therefore causing the loss of hair. After a shot of Biotin, the mice’s alopecia reversed.  

A Peaceful Resolution

It should be taught that yeast is naturally occurring in the body. Due to the sensitive nature of the human body, we succumb to illnesses as a result of imbalances throughout the body.

We should not be taught to fear our naturally occurring bacteria.

Yeast is an integral fungus that helps your digestive tract function properly.
Like anything in life, sometimes yeast is in an imbalance and that is not necessarily a result of poor hygiene or any other shaming factors surrounding yeast infections.


Rather than seeking to cure the body by eliminating yeast and shattering your microbial ecosystem with more chemicals, seek natural solutions to regain the balance of your body such as diet and natural supplements. This will prevent the nasty relations of candida and hair loss among many other adverse medication-related symptoms.

To learn more about natural alternatives to stabilize candida levels and check out our favorite natural products to beat yeast infections.

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