Best Organic Shampoo for Oily Hair to Purchase in 2023

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Best Organic Shampoo For Oily Hair

Dealing with oily hair can be a nightmare. It often seems like, no matter how many times you wash it or how thorough you are, the oil always comes back worse than before. It can be discouraging for people who want to explore new hairstyles and colors.

Thankfully, there are plenty of organic shampoos out there that are specifically designed to treat oily hair and leave it feeling cleaner and fresher for longer. In this article, we’re going to be reviewing five of those shampoos.

We’ll be giving you a quick breakdown of each, as well as discussing some pros and cons of the best organic shampoo for oily hair options. So keep reading for more!

Organic Shampoos for Oily Hair Reviews

Maple Holistics Clarifying Shampoo

Starting off, we have a very affordable option from Maple Holistics. If you have hair that gets greasy just a few hours after you’ve washed it, or your hair looks flat and lifeless once it has dried, then this may be the shampoo for you. It is filled with all-natural ingredients that promote a healthy scalp and lively hair.


This shampoo features an infusion of refreshing oils, like lemon, cyprus, basil, and rosemary, which help regulate your hair’s oil production, reduce the appearance of dandruff, and stimulate volume. Botanical keratin, jojoba oil, and peach kernel oil are added to add moisture to your hair and hydration for tresses that have the good kind of shine.

The Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo washes away dirt that clogs the follicles, as well as dandruff, oil, and impurities. This helps revitalize and balance your scalp. It also contains oils that regulate sebum to control moisture for locks that are weightless and full of vitality.

With this shampoo, you’ll be able to transform your messy hair into full, luxurious locks. It is not only perfect for an oily scalp, but it can also reduce dandruff, flaking, and thinning, leaving your tresses looking fresh and clean and giving them more bounce and body.

The great thing about Maple Holistics is that all of their formulas are all-natural. They use potent and pure ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about any parabens, sulfates, silicones, and other harmful additives.



Lemon Sage Volumizing Shampoo

The delicious fragrance of this shampoo alone should be enough to sell you. This is a great shampoo for those who are on a budget but don’t want to compromise their morals or beliefs by purchasing a shampoo that is not all-natural and organic. As we said, the fragrance is amazing, so if you want to smell like fresh citrus, then this is the product for you.


The oily hair treatment formula of this shampoo reduces the excess sebum production of your scalp that causes your hair to be so oily and also clarifies and balances your hair. If you are also someone who suffers from dandruff, then this shampoo will help cleanse dandruff away and prevent it from forming.

Once you have washed your hair with this product, you’ll immediately notice that it feels more bouncy and voluminous for thicker-looking hair. This shampoo is free of sulfates and contains lemon essential oil and rosemary plant oil, which works in combination with the tea tree oil to reduce dandruff.

Another benefit of this shampoo is that it is able to relieve itchy scalps, which is something that many people with greasy hair tend to suffer from. The more you scratch an itch on your scalp, the more you are touching your hair and transferring oils from your hands to your head, which leads to your hair becoming even more greasy. Getting rid of the itch entirely will help mitigate this.



DR. ALKAITIS Organic Herbal Shampoo

This product is definitely on the more luxurious side of things, but the price point is well worth it. The Organic Herbal Shampoo by Dr. Alkaitis offers you silky soft hair and treats your scalp and roots to make them as soft and grease-free as possible. The product is meant to balance the scalp and nourish it, encouraging strong, healthy hair growth.


Again, we should mention that this is not a very affordable organic shampoo, but we definitely consider the price tag to be worth it. The Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo uses plenty of natural ingredients that are proven to benefit both your hair and scalp and that can reduce the oil production of your head.

This product is free of chemicals, is all-natural, and is deeply hydrating, so you receive gentle cleansing with every wash. The problem with regular shampoos is that they strip your hair rather than remove the oils gently, which only causes your scalp to produce more oil.

The gentle oil removal that this herbal shampoo provides means that your hair will not try to overcompensate for the sudden dryness by flooding your scalp with oil. The product balances and nourishes the hair roots and scalp, which encourages your hair to grow strong and healthy.

Not only is this a great shampoo for treating oily hair, but it is also suitable for all other hair types, whether you have dry, normal, or greasy hair. There’s a use for this shampoo for everyone.



Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar

This is quite an unusual product because, instead of coming in the regular liquid shampoo form that most of us are used to, the Ethique Eco-Friendly shampoo comes in the form of a bar. When you use it, you lather the soap onto your hands as you would with a regular bar of soap, then apply it to your hair, allowing you to spread the product more evenly.


Ethique is the first zero-waste beauty brand in the world and is also one of the most sustainable brands out there. They use compostable packaging and biodegradable ingredients, so all of their solid shampoo bars leave no trace after they are used – other than the silky hair on your head, of course.

Their products are extremely concentrated, so by switching to one of their beauty bars, you are saving plastic bottles that would otherwise have ended up at a landfill. To date, Ethique has saved more than 5 million plastic bottles and is genuinely making a difference in how much plastic is being produced every year.

The shampoo bar makes use of orange and lime oils to balance your scalp’s production of oil, leaving your hair feeling fresh after each wash. You also won’t need to use a conditioner, as this bar contains humectants that draw moisture to your hair, leaving oil out of the equation.

While it does look like a bar of soap, this shampoo bar actually contains no soap at all and is safe for color-treated hair.



HONEYDEW Natural Oily Hair Shampoo

Last but not least, we have this natural shampoo from Honeydew, which is also great for folks with sensitive scalps who are prone to itching. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and is cruelty-free. It is also safe to use on hair that has been color-treated.


This all-natural hair treatment comes equipped with an exceptional therapeutic oil formula that is designed to remedy the main causes of greasy hair. This helps deliver the best shampoo experience for all people. It contains a complex formula of essential oils that provide total symptomatic relief for oily scalps while also nourishing hair that is dry and damaged.

The lavender essential oil within this product has aromatic and nourishing properties that can reduce and soothe blemishes on the scalp. The rosemary is rich in verbenone, which helps thin your hair and renew your hair cells, leaving your hair feeling more light and voluminous.

The shampoo works perfectly with any of your existing conditioners and is suitable for all hair types, not just oily hair. It is safe to use every day for men and women, as well as teenagers, and it helps preserve the pigmentation in all shades of hair color.




Suffering from oily hair is now a thing of the past, thanks to these effective, all-natural shampoos. We hope that this article has been helpful and that you’ll be able to live a better life knowing that your oily hair is being treated!

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