Best Organic Hair Sprays

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Best Organic Hair Sprays -

Best Organic Hair Sprays – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

It is not an easy task to find a hairspray that is safe to use without chemicals but still does the job for your hair styling. That is why we compiled this list of the best organic hair sprays out there to make it much easier for you.

All you need to do is read through this review and find the right hairspray for you that will be great for your hair. So, without hesitation, let’s take a look at the features to see which one of these products is the best for you.

Organic Hair Sprays Reviews

Sea Salt Spray For Hair From Beauty By Earth

This organic hairspray is great for a variety of spraying applications to provide you with more alternative results for your hair. It also is available in a larger size container of 12 ounces if you need to buy for a longer time of use.


This organic hair spray provided by Beauty By Nature comes with an earthy and mild scent that will not irritate the senses. It also provides an overall good smell for your hair all day long for that breezy smell of nature in your hair.

To add to this hairspray’s functionality, it will last for many hours in your hair after a once-off application daily. This hair spray also will not make your hair hard and greasy but will provide a nice smooth texture.

With up to two sprays, it will improve the voluminous look of your hair to a bouncy consistency. It also does not weigh your hair down, and the pleasant scent will stay in your hair the whole day.

This organic hairspray from Beauty By Nature can also be used by both women and men, making this product even more versatile. However, you need to apply two to three sprays to your hair if you want to see the best results and an improvement in volume. It is also only suitable for dry hair types.


  • Available in a larger container
  • It has a mild earthy scent
  • Will provide extra volume for your hair
  • It will last for a long time in your hair


  • Need to use more than one spray for better results
  • Only suitable for dry hair types

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Hairspray From Nature’s Brands


The hair spray provided by Nature’s Brand comes without harmful toxins and chemicals, making it safe to use on your hair and in the environment. Also, it is available in three different sizes, in 2, 6.8, as well as 8-fluid ounce containers for your convenience.


This hairspray from Nature’s Brands can easily be used on dry as well as on wet hair to save you time. This means that you do not need to wait for the hair to be completely dry before the hairspray can be applied.

It is a safe alternative to use if you do not want to use hairspray that contains harmful chemicals. It will also provide even very fine hair some texture so it will look much more voluminous.

For some people, the citrus smell of this hairspray is enjoyable, but for those with sensitive noses, it could be a bit too much. Because it contains sugar in the formula, this hairspray may be a bit sticky when it dries. So if you don’t want a sticky feeling in your hair, perhaps avoid this product.

This sticky feeling in your hair may cause lighter-colored hair to look a bit greasy. Overall, it is a lovely organic hair spray that holds for a decent amount of time in your hair.


  • It can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Safe to use for those with asthma problems
  • This hair spray is paraben-free
  • Easy to apply to the hair


  • The smell may be off-putting for sensitive noses
  • It may be a bit sticky for some people

Flex Hold Sculpting Hairspray From DermOrganics


This organic hair spray is formulated with ingredients in it that will replicate the natural nutrition for hair and skin. It is also free of any harmful chemicals, making it a safe product to use with your hair. There is alcohol in the formula.


The nozzle that is included makes it easy to apply the spray onto your hair without problems. It also helps to get even spraying over the hair, so you do not easily miss a spot with even just one spray over.

With a natural formula, this hairspray keeps everything together well for a long time after only one spray of the product. This makes the hairspray from DermOrganics economical to use where you do not need repeated sprays for the best results.

The hairspray is also great for fine hair and will not weigh your hair down but will last a long time in your hair. It also helps to keep the curls light and natural without a greasy or wet look.

Unfortunately, this hair spray does not have a heavy hold, so if you need a strong hold and texture, it will not last long. Your hair also needs to be dry before you can use it on your hair for the best results.


  • This hair spray is color-safe
  • It is very gentle with your hair
  • Provides great texture for slippery hair
  • Easy to apply nozzle for even spraying option


  • This spray does not have a heavy hold
  • It cannot be used with wet hair

Feed For Your Head Organic Hairspray From Yarok

As it says in the name of this product, nourishment for your head and good for the earth is what you get with this spray. It is also available in 4, 6, and 8-ounce containers for your convenience and to suit your personal needs.


This hair spray holds very well, so you need to be careful not to use too much on your hair. This makes the hair spray from Yarok a very economical product where a little will go a long way.

It also provides great style with not too much volume while it holds your hair decently strong for the whole day. This product prevents your hair from that shiny look that makes it look and feel unnatural and artificial.

It is easy to use this hair spray with dry and wet hair to improve your styling options on the go. You can easily spray it on your wet hair; simply use a comb to comb it into place for great results.

This hair spray has a mild lemon scent, which might not be suitable for people with a sensitive nose. But some people love the smell because it is not that heavy, and the spray and scent dissipate quickly. This hairspray is great, but it is a bit expensive for those working with a tight budget.


  • It is great for hair styling
  • Use with wet and dry hair
  • Leaves no stickiness or flakiness in the hair
  • Holds for a long period after application


  • This hair spray is a bit expensive per ounce
  • For some people, the lemon scent is too much

Wild Mint Styling Hairspray From Organic Excellence

With this product from Organic Excellence, you do not only get just hairspray but also a shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner can also be ordered separately.


This hair styling spray from Organic Excellence can be safely used on all hair types, making it a versatile product. It also provides your hair with great style and volume with a quick and easy application.

It is also safe to be used on color-treated hair thanks to the color-safe formula of this hairspray. To add to the functionality, it is made from gentle ingredients that will help to keep the pH balance of your hair healthy.

This hair spray is clean and pure, as it contains no parabens, sulfates, or any other chemical that is harmful to you. So this product is safe to use on your hair for great styling effects and a long, all-day hold for your hair.

The fact that this hair spray is fragrance-free makes it acceptable for all people, so it will be a popular hair spray. But unfortunately, you need to spray more than just one spray over for the best results with your hair. Also, the dispenser equipped on the container will fail more often than not when you try to use it.


  • This hairspray is fragrance-free
  • Provides a nice long-term hold for your hair
  • This hairspray is made from organic materials only
  • Can be used on all hair types


  • Need to use more than just one spray over
  • The dispenser of the container may fail to work


The number one hairspray in this review is the Feed your Head Organic Hair Spray provided by Yarok that can be used with all hair types. In the second place is the more affordable but just as good organic hairspray from Beauty By earth.

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