Best Natural Mouthwashes: Top Recommendations for 2023

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Best Natural Mouthwashes -

Proper oral care is essential not only for maintaining healthy teeth and gums but also for your overall well-being. Apart from that, bad breath certainly isn’t something that will help you attract new friends or potential business partners.

For this reason, along with brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day, you should also invest in a reliable mouthwash. Looking at the market, there are many products that do the job, but a lot also feature artificial colors and flavors and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Luckily, you don’t have to raise the white flag just yet, as there are a few options that are all-natural with an alkalizing effect. Let’s take a look.

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Natural Mouthwashes Reviews

Uncle Harry's Natural Alkalizing Miracle Mouthwash

If you are looking for a product that can be used by both kids and adults, then you are in the right place. This mouthwash is made according to the latest industry standards when it comes to balancing pH levels and leaving you with fresh breath. Most importantly, it comes at an affordable price and in a bottle of 16 fluid ounces, which means it will last you for months of everyday use.


Uncle Harry’s is one of the leading brands when it comes to offering all-natural oral care products at a fine price. The first thing that you will love about this one is that it is fluoride-free, toxic-free, alcohol-free, and it doesn’t even contain any gluten, which is quite common for other mouthwash products.

With the effective compounds, it neutralizes the pH levels in your mouth and freshens your breath. Most importantly, it helps you with maintaining good dental health and goes a long way towards ensuring that your teeth and gums are in great condition. Plus, the aroma is minty!

One of the coolest points about Uncle Harry’s mouthwash is that gargling it for a couple of minutes can help you reduce throat inflammation and get rid of any irritants or residue that may be stuck in your teeth or palate. Also, you can expect your teeth to get stronger if you use this mouth rinse on a regular basis given the phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium minerals that are featured in the formula. This combination should stimulate the remineralization of the enamel.

As we have mentioned above, there aren’t any chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, or alcohol, which is the main reason why we recommend it to both kids and adults. The formula consists of deionized, purified water, as well as silver minerals, carbonate, ionic materials, eucalyptus, clove, peppermint, and sea salt. This is impressive, as most ingredients are micronutrient-rich, which justifies why it is such a good choice for overall dental health.

For the first few drops of mouthwash, you may feel a burning sensation, which is a consequence of the mustard seed, peppermint, and clove. Still, given the effectiveness, as well as the fact that it is all-natural, we can’t say much against this fantastic product!


  • All-natural formula
  • Affordable price
  • Remineralizes enamel
  • Balances pH levels
  • Reduces inflammation


  • Burning sensation

Hello Oral Care Mouthwash with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil

When it comes to products that are 100% natural and made to prevent gingivitis, plaque, and other annoying dental conditions, the Hello brand does a fantastic job. Natural mint, accompanied by aloe vera and coconut oil that should provide a soothing effect and balance pH levels, should work great when it comes to restoring fresh breath and ensuring that your teeth and gums stay in good condition.


The first thing that we were impressed by is that this offer gives you three bottles of mouthwash, each being 16 fluid ounces in capacity. In our opinion, this is more than enough for a year of regular use. The scent of the alcohol-free, fluoride-free, SLS-free formula is mint, with the aloe vera serving as the main active ingredient (20%).

Completely organic, there are several inactive compounds that play an essential role in rinsing your mouth, including purified water, erythritol, polysorbate 80, xylitol, sodium benzoate, and most importantly, coconut oil! The latter contributes taste-wise, as well as when it comes to reducing inflammation and putting an end to conditions such as gingivitis (anti-bacterial).

It is globally sourced and not tested on animals, which can be of big importance to those of you looking to buy vegan-friendly mouthwash. Our main issue with it is that sodium benzoate is an ingredient that some people are allergic to, which doesn’t make this product very kid-friendly.

Other than that, the formula is all-natural and will work great when it comes to keeping your mouth and teeth fresh!


  • Three 16 fluid ounce bottles
  • Minty flavor
  • Coconut oil and aloe vera
  • Prevents plaque, gingivitis
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Has sodium benzoate
  • Not kid-friendly
  • Vegan-friendly

Jason Healthy Mouth Tartar Control Mouthwash

For those on a tight budget who don’t want to miss out on the advantages of chemical-free mouth rinsing products, you are in the right place. Coming in a few variants, including Power Smile, Sea Salt, Sea Fresh, and Healthy Mouth, with the latter being the most popular, this 16-oz mouthwash will be a great addition to your oral care routine.


There are a few things that we focus on when it comes to reviewing mouthwash. The fact that this one doesn’t feature gluten, parabens, or alcohol is a fantastic start, as it means most people can use it, and it shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions. The idea is to help you restore the freshness of your breath, as well as maintain proper gum and teeth health without having to use products that feature harsh chemicals and artificial flavors.

Its formula, based on Jason Tartar Control, is highlighted by aloe vera gel, perilla seed extract, grapefruit seed extract, and tea tree oil. If you know a thing or two about these ingredients, then you probably know that they are all anti-bacterial and effective in reducing inflammation.

Unfortunately, the cinnamon clove flavor probably isn’t something that most users will enjoy. Still, for the given price, as well as considering that the formula is completely natural, we consider it a worthy choice.


  • Great price
  • Includes aloe vera gel and tea tree oil
  • Freshens breath
  • Not tested on animals


  • Unpleasant cinnamon clove flavor

Auromere Ayurvedic Mouthwash

Moving on with our list, we present you with a product that will be loved by those who are into holistic medicine. Highlighted by a non-GMO formula and completely free of alcohol or fluoride, it comes in a bottle of 16 fluid ounces (2-pack) and stands as one of the most effective mouthwash products on the market.


The Auromere brand has been on the market for some time now, manufacturing herbal and natural remedies that reduce inflammation, help restore natural pH levels, and remineralize enamel. We want to highlight a few ingredients that make this formula such a fantastic choice.

The first one is the organic neem, which is effective in boosting the immune system, as well as aiding in the prevention of cavities and tartar. Additionally, it offers antibacterial properties that are essential when it comes to minimizing the chance of mouth infections.

Another important compound is the Peelu, which is rich in vitamin C and goes a long way when it comes to teeth whitening and removing stains. Also, the licorice toot and almond ingredients are rich in calcium and serve as antiviral compounds that should reduce the chance of degraded dental health.

The main issue that we have with it is the mild burning sensation that it causes. However, compared to all the advantages that you will be reaping, plus the fact that it is an all-natural formula, this sensation is something that you can easily get used to!


  • Reasonable price
  • Natural herbs and minerals
  • Prevents tartar and cavities
  • Whitens teeth
  • Pleasant taste


  • Mild burning sensation

Dr. H. & Co. Dentist Formulated Refresh Mouthwash

Last but certainly not least when it comes to holistic and chemical-free mouthwashes is a formula that has been recommended by thousands of dentists around the world. Ideal for neutralizing bacteria and bad breath, as well as supporting healthy white teeth, it is based on purified water, aloe vera gel, and a bunch of botanical extracts!


When it comes to the efficiency of this product, there isn’t a lot to discuss. The combination of herbal extracts and essential oils that are included in the formula goes a long way to support a healthy mouth and prevent inflammation. Yes, this product is a bit pricey and comes in an eco-friendly bottle of 4 ounces, which is enough for just over a month, but looking at the quality, the price tag is justified.

As it is 100% organic, we weren’t surprised to find that this product wasn’t tested on animals, as well as that it was globally sourced in compliance with international sustainability standards. Along with the aloe vera gel, there is also white oak bark, peppermint oil, calendula, holy basil, tea tree 0il, licorice root, cinnamon oil, and xylitol – all working together to prevent decay and restore natural pH levels.


  • 100% organic
  • Herbal extracts/essential oils
  • Eco-friendly bottle
  • Prevents decay
  • Freshens breath/whitens teeth


  • Pricey compared to other options

Wrap Up

We are confident in saying that all five of the listed products hold great value. Our personal favorite is the Dr. H. & Co. Dentist Formulated Refresh Mouthwash, which is highlighted by a superb oral care formula with essential herbal oils and botanical extracts. However, it comes at a higher price and may not be affordable for everyone.

This is where we think of the Auromere Ayurvedic Mouthwash as the fantastic substitute. It offers more than 23 all-natural ingredients that support adequate oral health and fresh breath while also whitening teeth and cleaning enamel!

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