Best Natural Concealers

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Best Natural Concealers

Best Natural Concealers - Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Finding the right natural ingredient concealer is not an easy feat, but we made this job a bit easier for you. In this review, we made a list of some of the best natural concealers so you can quickly and easily shop for them.

Take a closer look at the features and good and bad characteristics of this list of great natural concealers. You may just find what you need to provide you with a perfect coverage product that will become your next favorite concealer.

Natural Concealers Reviews

“Un” Coverup Organic Cream Concealer From RMS Beauty

This lightweight but strong concealer will not just cover up but also provide your skin with the nourishment to keep it healthy. From RMS Beauty, you have a wide range of shades for your concealer to choose from, ranging from dark to very light shades.


With this concealer provided by RMS Beauty, you have a well-balanced concealer that will provide the right cover. It will also help to improve the overall tone by concealing the dark marks around the eyes easily and effectively.

This concealer will not just conceal but also provide nutrition to the skin when you use it for healthy skin. It will also provide flawless coverage to make your skin look brighter and remove its dry look and feel.

It will also minimize the appearance of pores and provide you with much younger-looking and smooth skin. This concealer will easily blend with your foundation and will actually self-adjust if not the same shade because of the mineral pigmentation used.

The formula of RMS Beauty concealer is safe to use on your skin because it contains no GMO or nano ingredients. Even if it is great, this concealer is not made to be used with oily skin with a high oil level in it. It also does not have a pleasant smell to it which might be a bit off-putting.


  • There are a lot of shades to choose from
  • It is very easy to apply to the skin
  • Balance and conceal at the same time
  • A safe organic formula


  • It is not meant for oily skin
  • The smell of this concealer is not that nice

Beauty Transcendent Concentrated Natural Concealer From Pacifica

This very concentrated correcting concealer will help to make your skin look blemish-free after just a very light application on your skin. Using this concealer from Pacifica is a healthy way to cover your skin in a neutral or light shade.


This is a watery formula to provide your skin with more and easy coverage without too many hassles for application. The watery consistency also allows for a very thin layer of coverage for a much more even tone of your skin.

It also contains no added chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the environment, making it a safe formula. It will also help improve your skin’s overall health and prevent further damage while protecting the skin.

The concealer from Pacific will also effectively cover the dark circles around the eyes for much brighter skin. Your skin’s overall look will improve with a more radiant skin color with the easy coverage it provides for the skin.

With the easy way this concealer covers up the dark marks as well as the imperfections on your skin, you do not even need makeup. But this nice concealer is only available in neutral and light shades.

It is also not waterproof, making it easy to remove, but it will also easily run when you are in contact with water.


  • It provides brightness for the eye area
  • This is great for concealing imperfections
  • It is made from natural ingredients
  • This concealer provides coverage for a long time


  • It is only available in two shades
  • This concealer is not waterproof

Natural Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer From W3LL People

This concealer from W3LL People can be used on many different skin types, including dry, oily, and normal skin types. It is also available in up to six shades, making it a versatile concealer for various cover-up applications.


It will easily apply very thinly around the eyes so it will not crease after some time. The coverage provided by this concealer from W3LL People will last for many hours on your skin without any side-effects.

This concealer serves well as an all-purpose concealer where it can be used on all the problem areas that need a cover-up. The manufacturer’s ethics are also straightforward, as they included no harsh chemicals and only quality ingredients in the formula.

This concealer’s high moisture content will also provide great moisturizing effects for your skin when you use it. It is also not cakey wherever you apply it on your skin, and a little will go a long way, making it very economical.

This lightweight, creamy consistency will help cover most blemishes of the skin very effectively for a smooth overall look. But it also has its not-so-good sides, and one of them is that it is not recommended for the very dark circles. The concealer is a bit oily, so you need a powder to set it properly.


  • Free of harmful and damaging chemicals
  • It covers blemishes effectively
  • Improve overall skin texture
  • This concealer will reduce puffiness under the eyes


  • The texture of this concealer is a bit oily
  • It is not recommended for very dark circles

Natural True Skin Serum Concealer From Ilia

This manufacturer provides a wide range of products in the form of foundations and makeup with the same safe formula. It is a trustworthy brand that many people around the world support.


With medium coverage for a silky appearance of the skin, this concealer will do a great job of helping with the cover-up. It also is available in a long list of different shades, making it possible for more people to use this serum concealer.

The moment you apply this concealer, you will not even notice dark circles as there will be smooth and even coverage around the eyes. It is also effortless to apply with a nice smooth, creamy consistency. You will need only a little bit for a lot of coverage.

With a serum-like texture, this concealer will seamlessly and effortlessly blend into the skin for perfect coverage and concealment of blemishes. It will also easily cover other discolorations on the skin to leave you with smooth and slightly brightened, as well as flawless skin.

This featherweight and easy to apply concealer contains only 100 percent natural ingredients, making it safe to use on your skin. However, this concealer is for use on those days you cannot wear makeup. It also comes with a high price tag attached per ounce.


  • It has many great features included
  • A strong formula to last longer
  • Reduces the appearances of dark circles effectively
  • It will help to firm the skin while using it


  • Comes with a high price tag attached
  • It cannot be used with makeup

Bella Mari Natural Concealer Cream From Nature’s Brands

This smooth and lightweight creamy concealer will provide the perfect cover-up for all the dark circles and discolorations on the skin. It also is available in many different shades to make it a versatile, natural concealer for most people out there.


Bella Mari’s concealer can be used as a stand-alone high coverage foundation for the best concealment of blemishes. It can also be used under a moisturizing foundation, which is also provided by Bella Mari for great effects on the skin.

Even if it looks and feels thick, this concealer will apply very easily to the skin without caking or causing creases. This means you can even use it for complete coverage, making this product from Nature’s Brands a versatile concealer.

You only need to apply this concealer cream in the morning and it will last for many hours on your skin for great effects. It contains natural ingredients to make it very safe to use on your skin all day long without worry of any negative side-effects.

With great UV protection at SPF 30, this will help keep your skin healthy and free of environmental damage. But this cream concealer is not really ideal for use with sensitive skin where it may cause adverse effects. It also does not really hold up in high humidity areas and may smear a bit.


  • It is an effective, full cover concealer
  • Comes with an easy to apply creamy consistency
  • Safe to use on the skin
  • Available in an extended range of shades


  • It is not ideal for sensitive skin
  • Does not hold up in high humidity

Final Thoughts

The natural concealer cream provided by Bella Mari is, in our opinion, the best of them all, with great coverage and concealment capacity. In a very close second place, we selected the organic cover-up concealer from RMS Beauty to help cover dark circles and provide a smooth, even tone.

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