Best Dong Quai Supplement for Periods and More

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Best Dong Quai Supplement For Periods

Dong Quai, also known as Angelica Sinensis, is a blood nourishing plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This root plant, which is from the same family as the carrot, has a lot to offer. It is a period promoting, fertility favouring, hair health, super substance! So let us give you the scoop on this gem: best Dong Quai Supplements for periods and more!

This is not medical advice. All opinions/experiences are our own. Always consult a medical professional before taking any supplements.

Why we love Dong Quai for Period 

There are more than a handful of reasons why Dong Quai is ideal for period wellness. It has been seen to be helpful with PMS and cramping during menstruation, while also promoting a healthy flow. In regards to PMS and cramping, Dong Quai has a relaxing effect, not unlike that of Camomile, or Valerian. This is one of our favourite things about Dong Quai; both the uterus and the nervous system will benefit from this magical root!

Some of the period issues we’ve faced

We’ve had our fair share of period problems within the Herbal Ladies team. Some of the issues we’ve faced have been several months without bleeding, irregular spotting, irregular flow after ending birth control, and menstruation that is slow to start, short but painful.

More about Dong Quai and the uterus

Dong Quai helps with all of these issues and more. It is a hormone-balancing herb, that also has benefits for women approaching or experiencing menopause. It strengthens the uterus in general by improving circulation and is beneficial for people who suffer from anemia or iron deficiency. 


How to take Dong Quai for fertility

Dong Quai is a natural way to promote wellness in the uterus. As mentioned, it creates higher levels of circulation within the reproductive system. A healthy reproductive system is the best way you can promote fertility. 

If you are planning a pregnancy

 A supplement containing Dong Quai can be incorporated into your daily routine months in advance. This will encourage an overall balance for your uterus. However, once pregnant, this supplement should be replaced. This is because Dong Quai would overstimulate the uterus during pregnancy, and also shouldn’t be taken during breastfeeding. 

Other precautions regarding Dong Quai.

Dong Quai Dosage To Start Period and Promote Fertility 

For adults, 30 drops (1 full dropper),  2 x daily is the suggested dosage for both period wellness and fertility. Dong Quai is something that is to be taken over time and does not necessarily have an immediate effect on the system. Think of it as a vitamin you are incorporating into your daily routine. 

How we found out about Dong Quai Supplements

We found out about this supplement because one of the Herbal Ladies teammates was experiencing a three-month disappearance of her period, and decided to see a professional. She made an appointment with a Naturopath who performed an acupressure massage on her, but then also explained to her the benefits of Dong Quai as a daily supplement. Once we learnt about Dong Quai, we all wanted to try it for the various reasons that were listed above. 

Best dong Quai supplement 

So now that you have the details about this Traditional Chinese Medicine, we want to give you our suggestions for the best Dong Quai supplements. We are always on the lookout for new natural products and supplements to integrate into our wellness regimes. 

Flow Balance Organic Olivia Review

So far, our favourite Dong Quai supplements are by Organic Oliva. The first one we use daily is called Flow Balance. We have all felt a lot better about our periods since implementing this natural product into our wellness practices. Our monthly madness is now as balanced as a Libra! Flow Balance It is a supplement that contains Dong Quai along with a blend of other herbs such as Wild Yam, Nettle Leaf and Licorice Root. It is just the perfect formula for all things regarding your female reproductive systems, period!

Mane Magic Organic Olivia

The other Dong Quai supplement we decided to try after loving Flow Balance, was Mane Magic. Since we loved Flow Balance by Organic Olivia we had to try her Mane Magic. We didn’t realize it at first, but Dong Quai has excellent benefits for hair! Hair loss, as well as brittle or dry hair, can be treated with Mane Magic by creating a healthier hair pattern. You know we love trying natural hair growth products.

The classic culprits for poor hair health are iron deficiency or thyroid problems. As we saw earlier Dong Quai is a hormone balancer and treats anemia and iron deficiency, so no wonder it works for hair loss! 

The Dong Quai in this supplement also allows for circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles. The harmonizing of hormones and the presence of phytoestrogens stop hair loss by reducing the build-up of DHT. DHT the type of testosterone set off in the body during moments of physical and emotional stress.  

This hormone balancing herb contains phytoestrogens that prevent hair fall by helping to prevent the accumulation of DHT on the scalp. DHT is the active form of testosterone and your body produces too much of it when you are under physical or emotional stress

Conclusion: All To Say About Best Dong Quai Supplement For Periods And More

If you’re looking to give your uterus a gift, or if you want stronger, longer and shinier hair, these supplements by Organic Oliva are a tip from our team at Herbal Ladies. Flow Balance for a healthy period and Mane Magic for beautiful locks.


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