Welcome To Herbal Ladies

Hi, I’m Stefany 👋

I speak to people who are looking for natural solutions to nurture their bodies.

I help them find clean products that make them look and feel totally healthier, inside and out.

The information on this site isn’t to replace the advice of medical professionals. I am just blogging about what has worked for me. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements. 

I am a not a doctor. I am flight attendant, sailor, full time earth roamer with of course, an obsession with natural solutions.

I got into natural remedies, and herb supplements when I started living in African countries for my deployments working as a Humanitarian Flight Attendant. 

On day 3 into my first rotation in Uganda, I spent it in the hospital. Then, every rotation after that, I found myself being prescribed Antibiotics. I knew this wasn’t good. 

I then turned to herbal remedies and natural ingredients to strengthen my immune system.

That idea didn’t come out of the blue. I was already carrying a bottle of tea tree oil for years and used it for so many things. Eczema, Candida, Athletes Foot, Acne you name it. If that worked then what else did? Then I cleared tonsillitis with Sage and Echinacea. Symptoms were subsided by day 2 and gone completely a few days later. (Not saying you should try this at home, always consult your GP before taking any supplements)

Finding herbs, good quality vitamins and organic natural beauty products overseas has not been easy. I spent 2 years in Sudan and purchased an open bottle of probiotics off an NGO worker because I was so desperate for them.

As an asthma, eczema, IBS, anxiety sufferer as well as Anaphylactic to several foods staying healthy while travelling has been a battle. I’ve suffered from chronic UTI’s which means chronic Yeast infections, food poisoning one too many times, intestinal parasites and more.

Taking a natural approach to my health as well as going to a Chinese Medicine doctor, getting acupuncture and seeing a naturopath has helped my health tremendously. 

Since then, my one dedicated suitcase full of natural goodies has been with me through Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bahamas, Tunisia, Jordan, Thailand, Portugal .

Considering I test a lot of products and break everyones ear offs about how good my herbal treasures work, I decided to start this space to share it all with you.

After all, I wish I knew about alternative medicine a lot sooner.

If there is anything you would like me to talk about in this blog, have any questions, products you would like me to review, work with me or just stop by to say hello, don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂